34 Years of Excellence

34 Years ago two sisters had a dream…

to pass on the gift of dance to the children of Brampton.  From one small room at Professors Lake Community Centre to a 10,000 square foot facility, CDP was built from the ground up with the hard work and dedication of sisters Cheryl Coffey and Cathy Coffey in 1982.  In 1987, CDP became such a success that it needed to upsize so CDP relocated to 20 Automatic Road which was a good fit at the time.  In 2003, Cheryl had taken on full ownership of CDP after Cathy had decided to focus only on teaching.  At this point CDP had grown even more to its highest student population yet.  It was time to once again, upsize. Finally, in 2007 at the 25th Annual Recital, Cheryl officially announced
the move of CDP to 8 Automatic Road (CDP’s current home).  Since 2007, CDP has happily prospered in its beautiful new facility.  In 2016, Cheryl passed the torch as Artistic Director to former students and current teachers: Jessica Rocchetti & Luisa Mauro.

  • Over 10,000 studets
  • Over 300 successful competitions
  • Over 100 Regional Titles
  • 34 unforgettable years
  • 34 recitals
  • 20 Careers made through dance and CDP’s influence
  • 3 National Titles


…and that dream was made into a reality

Please view CDP’s 30th Anniversary Celebratory Video below.

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